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The Worst Thing in the World

I got an email today that said: “There is nothing worse than looking in the mirror and seeing a new wrinkle…”. Really? Are you serious?  Nothing worse than seeing a new wrinkle? How lucky you are. Try saying that to people who are fighting cancer. Young cancer patients would do anything to live long enough to see their faces wrinkled. What a tactless and egocentric thing to say, to place a wrinkle in a centre of the human life. Sure, most women are not happy to see their faces change with age. But it’s not a tragedy and certainly not the worst thing in the world! And you can actually conquer it with very little effort: Change your skin care. Find a good beautician and ask their advice on your skincare routine. Consult a dermatologist. Today there are dozens of options to postpone skin ageing, such as RF-therapy, LED, etc. Stay positive and be grateful to have made it to the age of wrinkles when so many people don’t.    

Botox in a Bottle?

Can a cream have the same effect as botox? Right now, that’s a tricky question. In the past, the answer has always been a categorical no. If a beautician or department store sales assistant tries to hit you with the phrase “this is a miracle cream – it’s like botox in a bottle”, don’t believe them. Botulinum toxin injections, or botox as we’ve come to know them, work by paralysing the facial muscles, and so far manufacturers haven’t been able to recreate this effect with topical skincare, in part because the molecules of botulinum toxin solutions are too big to penetrate the skin barrier. Despite all this, there have been mumblings among pioneers in the aesthetics industry that topical botox may not be that far off. A pharmaceutical company in the US, Revance Therapeutics, is currently putting a botulinum toxin gel through stage three clinical trials for treatment of crows’ feet, and is expecting results in 2016. That’s not to say that there aren’t powerful topical products out there that can have a visible effect …

It’s My Face & I’ll Frown If I Want To!

It’s funny how often you hear the word «calm» when discussing botulinum toxin injections for wrinkles correction. Your face will look calm, the skin will be smooth, you will look younger and so on. I’m sure you’ve seen similar ads at one point or another. Eradicating one’s facial expression means no more wrinkles—it is a well-known, scientifically confirmed fact. In more accurate terms, botulinum toxin chemically denervates the muscles, blocking the neuromuscular transmission process in them completely. Consequently, the stimulus sent by the brain cortex is rendered ineffective. You brain says,—You’re miffed, now frown!—but your muscles are unaffected by its command, your face stays serene and nobody notices your discontent. Some people might think it’s a good thing. Well, I disagree. What’s so good about a person’s being unable to demonstrate their emotions? Why are we supposed to keep our anger, contemplation, joy or irritation a secret? I think, this new social standard imposed on us—keep calm and stay young—is really a remnant of a patriarchal society.   Indeed, when we talk wrinkle correction for men it is …