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Former Catholic Monk Takes L’Oreal to Court!

A former Roman Catholic monk has sued L’Oréal over the use of the anti-ageing skin care ingredient adenosine, which he says he holds the exclusive license to. Brother Dennis Wyrzykowski of the Teresian Carmelites – a non-profit organisation that was formerly recognised by the Catholic Church until 2008 – launched an anti-ageing facial moisturiser in 2009 called Easamine. Selling Easamine through his for-profit subsidiary Carmel Labs, Wyrzykowski raised funds for the Teresian Carmelites and its charitable programmes. Carmel Labs was given the exclusive license to use adenosine technology, covered by two patents, for all cosmetic applications in 2008. The license agreement arose due to an ongoing relationship between the religious order and Dr James Jobson, Jr, the former Chairman of the Department of Physiology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Read full article at

Is Skin Whitening a Racist Concept?

  “An advert for whitening pills by supplement brand Seoul Secret has caused outrage worldwide after using the tagline “white is winning”. The advert promotes Snowz pills which Seoul Secret says will lighten skin within two weeks of use. The video clip, uploaded to YouTube and Facebook yesterday, features 35-year-old Thai model and actress Cris Horwang. In the video she says: “If I stopped taking care of my body and white complexion, all that I have invested will be gone”. After she says this, her skin is shown darkening until it is completely black. A second pale model then appears smiling next to Horwang who looks on enviously and adds: “A newcomer will replace me and turn me into a dark star.” The ad ends with a narrator using the slogan: “white is winning!”” Originally published at: On a scale of 1 to 10 how cringe-worthy is this? I’d say, close to 9.5. Sure, the company removed the clip and apologised: they didn’t mean to convey any discriminatory or racist message. I’d still say …

It’s My Face & I’ll Frown If I Want To!

It’s funny how often you hear the word «calm» when discussing botulinum toxin injections for wrinkles correction. Your face will look calm, the skin will be smooth, you will look younger and so on. I’m sure you’ve seen similar ads at one point or another. Eradicating one’s facial expression means no more wrinkles—it is a well-known, scientifically confirmed fact. In more accurate terms, botulinum toxin chemically denervates the muscles, blocking the neuromuscular transmission process in them completely. Consequently, the stimulus sent by the brain cortex is rendered ineffective. You brain says,—You’re miffed, now frown!—but your muscles are unaffected by its command, your face stays serene and nobody notices your discontent. Some people might think it’s a good thing. Well, I disagree. What’s so good about a person’s being unable to demonstrate their emotions? Why are we supposed to keep our anger, contemplation, joy or irritation a secret? I think, this new social standard imposed on us—keep calm and stay young—is really a remnant of a patriarchal society.   Indeed, when we talk wrinkle correction for men it is …