My name is Dr Tiina Meder & I am a cosmetic dermatologist.

I started working in cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic medicine back in 1995. Today my specialty is the development of topical skincare solutions for various skin concerns, and I also do research of cosmetic safety and efficacy.

For a long time, up until 2009, I’d worked as the head of International Professional Training for Swiss Cellap Lab. At the same time I took part in Research & Development projects of Thalgo Lab in France as their medical consultant.

Until 2014 I was a medical expert doctor for Cosmetovigilance participating in French Sociris Lab’s research projects.

In 2009 I founded my own company developing non-invasive skin treatments and clinical correction programs for major skin problems: acne, dehydration, puffiness, pigmentation, deep mimic wrinkles, signs of skin ageing and stress, etc. Today I run Meder Beauty International Ltd with a head office in the UK and contribute to R&D of Cosmotec Lab in Switzerland.

I am also the editor-in-chief of Cosmetic Products Magazine, a published author of 2 books, “Beauty Myths” and “The Science of Beauty” translated into 5 languages now, and a co-author of a medical textbook “Age-related Cosmetic Care”. Apart from that I wrote dozens of articles for leading aesthetic magazines and spoke at numerous conferences all over the world.

I believe that cosmetic skincare should be based on scientific research and applied with a clear understanding of how the skin functions and what it needs to stay healthy.

I don’t believe that media, society or anyone else have a right to dictate to women how they should look and how much they should struggle, invest and suffer to achieve that look. I don’t believe in traumatic invasive and unreliable methods of cosmetic correction, including injections. I believe in natural beauty achieved first and foremost through addressing one’s health and happiness.

This is my personal blog on skincare, cosmetic dermatology and everything else I should find interesting. You are welcome to read, comment and share. Please respect other readers: any offensive or spammy comments will be deleted and their poster banned from commenting. Please include a link to my blog when you share any of its content.

Hope you enjoy this!