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Eye Area Needs Special Care

Now, why is that?

The skin of the eyelids is very different from the rest of your face. It is thinner, more porous, has fewer fibres — and because of this it stretches more easily. This stretching is actually what we perceive as age-related changes: the eyelids grow heavy and then sag, creases and wrinkles start appearing, and your eye makeup never stays in place anymore. Sound familiar?

Another peculiarity is that the skin in the eye area retains water more easily. It’s not even the skin itself so much as it is the tissue underneath it. Our eye sockets are sort of cushioned with soft and flabby fatty tissue to accommodate our eyeballs, and this fatty tissue soaks up water like a sponge.

So what does it mean for your skin care routine when the eye area is concerned?

It means, surprisingly, that the skin in the eye area doesn’t need moisturising in the same sense the skin of your face does. When we use moisturisers on the face, we are actually trying to attract more water into the surface skin layer and to keep it there. If you apply the same principle in the eye area, you’ll just add to the amount of fluids that your fatty tissue’s already retaining and then suddenly you’re squinting at yourself in the mirror through puffy swollen eyelids. Not the result we’d like to achieve.

So what do we need to do for the skin in the eye area? Mainly it’s this:

  • restore the skin’s barrier function;
  • maintain healthy microcirculation preventing both stagnation and dilution of micro-capillaries in the dermis;
  • stimulate and support the skin’s ability to synthesise collagen and elastin fibres.

A good eye cream must contain:
a) some ingredients to stimulate the capillaries and blood circulation;
b) special lipids restoring the skin’s protective mantle;
c) stimulating components if we’re after anti-age care.

Your regular moisturiser usually doesn’t have any of that. What’ll happen if you use your good expensive face cream on your eyelids? Well, most likely you’ll get slightly puffy eyes, especially in the morning without any anti-age effect whatsoever.

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