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Are Cleansing Brushes Safe for You?


Face cleansing brushes are really good to remove a day’s makeup, dead cells, sebum and all environmental debris. The question is: how safe they are?

The truth is then the brush cleansing can lead to couperosis (broken capillaries), irritation, redness, high sensitivity and dryness of the skin. Any exfoliation can occur this kind of problems, but the mechanical exfoliation (the case of brushing) is very special.

1. It is very easy to overuse the device. All skin therapists know very well, how powerful the brushing can be and used professional brushing devices with moderation, never more than 10-20 seconds on the one zone. Sometimes customers are obsessed about enlarged pores or black points and they were desperately trying to clean up the nose or T-zone by brushing the skin 5 minutes or more. They obtain the « feeling of cleanness » but the skin became red and irritated and very quickly it can turn out to couperosis and even to rosacea.

2. The constant exfoliation of the skin obviously destroys all barrier function and TEWL (TransEpidermal Water Loss) increases dramatically. « Nude skin » evaporates the water drastically and becomes very dry, creating the vicious cycle: dry skin produces more of keratin (the protein of the stratum corneum), looks grey and tired, so people use the brushing more and more enthusiastically desperately trying to look fresher. Unfortunately, nourishing and hydrating creams, even high-end, aren’t helpful in the case of excessive exfoliation. All dermatologists agreed about rules of safe exfoliation, what must be rare (performed once a week or less for sensitive skin), soft and prescribed by your doctor or practitioner. People should know that dry skin can lead to ageing.

3. It’s not so easy to maintain the tool properly. You need to clean up the brush after each using with soap or water or alcohol to avoid acne-causing build-up. You should never share the brush with someone, even the family and friends because of the risk of bacterial and fungal cross-contamination. And never use the brushing in combination with any others exfoliants, especially chemical (fruit acids containing products, etc.)

The best way to exfoliate the skin – and I am sure for that, it’s to perform the exfoliation weekly, using the exfoliating products prescribed by your practitioner or doctor. The best modern agent to regular exfoliation is the new biotechnological enzymes (look for Keratoline or Bacillus Ferment on the stickers) – they are soft and hypoallergenic and in the same time – high effective.

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