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Winter is coming!


As cold air is upon us, you have certainly noticed that your skin is getting dryer. This is common, and your skin will require better protection and slightly different routine. The principle is: be kind to your skin at winter!

  1. Long hot showers are banned! Many of people like to hop in the shower and turn up the heat to warm up after being outside. But the hotter water is, the more natural skin oils are removed, destroying by this the protective skin barrier.
  2. Take it easy with exfoliants! Acids (including fruit acids or salicylic acid) are great ingredients, but they also dry out your skin. All daily care products, containing acids, better to use once or twice a week, to avoid the skin dryness. You may also need to change the cleanser or exfoliators to softer and gentler one (look for enzymes and prebiotics!). Regular mechanical exfoliation is also the bad idea in the winter time.
  3. Hydrate and moisturize! Hydration will keep your skin fresh and young, and moisturizer will help to protect your skin as a barrier to the cold. Apply the moisturizer in the morning and evening on your face, your hands, and the rest of your body. The hydrating product can be light (hyaluronic acid, or kelp, or even glycerin-based), but the moisturizer should be rich and « warm » oil-based cream or emulsion.
  4. Never get out without the cream! If you stay in a heated room, also don’t forget about skin’s protection: heated air is dry and can easily dry out your skin. The rule is simple: if the air’s humidity is less 80%, don’t use the hyaluronic acid’s serum or concentrates, hydrating gels or thermal water sprays, without applying the cream or emulsion on top.
  5. Masks are the winter products! Be kind to your skin, feed it with moisturizing, calming and hydrating masks once or better twice a week. Winter time is a stress for skin so the skin will be grateful for your help.

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